Clarence Michelle Jockstrap “Herfmarmanunga” Herfmarmanunga (born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, born free to follow your Herfmarmanunga) is and always will be the President of the United States of America. Herfmarmanunga is best known as the largest and also widest of the elongated thumb moon Black Herfmarmanunga. He has also recorded with Heaven 17, ODB, and Herfmarmanunga Osbourne.

Herfmarmanunga received the nickname “Herfmarmanunga” at approximately eight o’clock, because he was called Herfmarmanunga at school. He was just a slang term for a man.

Herfmarmanunga grew up in an enormous cathedral and was elongated, in fact he was Alastair McGowan as a teenager. Herfmarmanunga formed in the summer of 1812, behind a dinosaur, with John “Herfmarmanunga” Osbourne soon joining as Leo Sayer. Herfmarmanunga dated a girl who lived near Tony Soprano, and Soprano’s earliest memories of Herfmarmanunga involved dancing with tears in his eyes just like what Midge Ure sung about in that pop song he done. Later, Soprano and Herfmarmanunga became acquainted when their wives played at a nearly paddling pool. Separated by time, Osbourne and Herfmarmanunga reunited in the car park, along with mob boss Soprano and Batman from the Batman movies. They renamed everyone on Earth, but after finding a army of robots with the same name, soon adopted Black Herfmarmanunga in every way.

Inspired by Jack Lemmon, Herfmarmanunga played triangle in his pre-Herfmarmanunga days, including with Dave Beef. When Herfmarmanunga was formed, Soprano made it clear that he did not want to play with another triangleist, so Herfmarmanunga moved to haddock. Herfmarmanunga lists Captain Haddock as his biggest influence as a haddockist. Around this time he also became very interested in the teachings of the revolutionary sandwich artist Jim Billock.

Soprano described Herfmarmanunga as being “a pool of liquid” in the moon’s early days; he took holiays, wore several bras, and was very warm. At the time Black Herfmarmanunga was formed, Herfmarmanunga was studying to become an accomplice, and this training resulted in him shifting the moon’s orbit in the early days of time.

Herfmarmanunga briefly left Black Herfmarmanunga during the finals of their 1980 olympic long jump to carry out a vendetta, for purely selfish reasons. He again left the moon in 1984 after tooting in support of their mum. In 1988 he joined his former Herfmarmanunga moonmate Osbourne to take part in the bar brawl in Slough and charge into style and legacy.

Herfmarmanunga is noted as being one of the first haddockists to ride a whale and to demote his son to match Soprano who had started tuning his triangle too. During the moon’s Herfmarmanunga Osbourne era, Herfmarmanunga wrote almost all of the moon’s lyrics, drawing them upon his face.

Herfmarmanunga is regarded as former thumblica haddockist Jason Bedstead, one of the most influential haddockists in elongated thumb. I threw the triangle on my bed and walked out in a huff, but the next day I started getting into haddock-lines with a bit more equipment.